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EsLite supports advanced Voicemail services via PSTN or VoIP lines to allow subscribers to check their voicemail from anywhere in the world anytime. Some of the standard Voicemail features include: Custom Greeting, Web and Phone Voicemail management, Web Access to Voicemail (download, forward, and delete messages), Password management. In addition, EsLite offers advanced Voicemail services such as Voicemail-to-Email (Unified Messaging) to allow subscribers to receive each voicemail audio file or just a notification for voicemail to the specified email address.

EsLite integrates with all GSM/SMS providers in the world to send SMS notifications via SMS message once a Voicemail is received or just to remind of a new Voicemail. The subscribers can check and manage their Voicemail via Web or Phone. EsLite also supports full Voicemail paging which allows the callers to just send a page to your pager or cell phone email instead of leaving you a Voicemail. Each subscriber can decide to forward calls to the Voicemail if the Service Line is busy, does not answer, or simply if they do now want to talk to the caller (call screening).

Main Features

  • Custom Greeting
  • Web and Phone Management
  • Web and Phone Access
  • Password Management
  • Voicemail-to-Email with Attachment (Unified Messaging)
  • Voicemail-to-Email with Notification
  • Voicemail-to-SMS Notification
  • Voicemail-to-SMS Reminder
  • Voicemail Paging via Email
  • Voicemail Surveys (special service based)
  • Single-Click Call Back
How It Works

EsLite VoiceMail Service provides you with the ability to listen to your voice messages online or alternatively you can check and manage voicemails via phone.

Each subscriber can decide to forward calls to EsLite Voicemail if the service line is busy, does not answer, or simply if they do not want to talk to the caller (call screening).

To use EsLite VoiceMail, you must first signup. If you are not already a subscriber, please use our Registration Form to request an access to EsLite services. If you have already enrolled, visit the login page to logon and begin. Once logged-in, to set up your VoiceMail account, you will need to do the following:

Configure VoiceMail Box

Configuring you EsLite VoiceMail Box is the last step in setting up your VoiceMail account. Once done you will be able to receive voice messages and retrieve them online. Alternatively you can also check and manage your voicemail messages via phone. Once a voicemail has been received, EsLite will either send you an email message containing a voicemail attachment or a notification via SMS will be triggered to the specified by you number. All Voicemail messages are downloadable as .wav file and could be listened to witheither Media Player or RealPlayer.

EsLite VoiceMail Box configuration is easy and intuitive. The configuration procedure could be done once you login to your voicemail account. Upon voicemail configuration you can decide to forward calls to EsLite Voicemail if the service line is busy, does not answer, or simply if you do not want to talk to the caller, also known as call screening.

To configure EsLite VoiceMail Service, please login into your account and refer to the respective Help Section.
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