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EsLite offers Virtual Office services for all businesses and customers that want to utilize high-end PBX Auto Attendant services without purchasing an expensive PBX system. With Virtual Office entrepreneurs and businessmen can represent their offerings in a professional manner with very low monetary investment. The Virtual Office system can be easily customized via Web to allow each subscriber to custom tailor their Virtual Office presentation. For example, subscribers can change the basic menu system selection and enter the destination numbers that will be connected upon callers’ selection. Supported customization options include: Sales, Support, Accounting, Business Development, Marketing, Customer Service, Vendor Relations, Order Status, and Operator extensions. Once a caller enters the desired selection they will be connected to the phone number on file which is setup by the subscriber (for example, a subscriber may want to redirect all sales call to his mobile number to be constantly within reach). The system supports both Male and Female IVR prompts and time-based IVR response (for example, during the night the callers will hear that the Virtual Office is closed) to provide sufficient level of customization. Virtual Office can be successfully used for Outsourcing and Offshore Customer Service Centers by simply forwarding the selection to an international call center number.
Main Features

  • Customizable Department Selection menu
  • Time-based IVR menu (business hours and after-hours)
  • Caller Selection Identification to Subscriber
  • Male and Female Prompts
  • Support for 9 Forwarding Numbers
  • Voicemail Forwarding Support
  • Multi-Session and Failover Support
  • Web Management
  • Global Number Forwarding
Call Flow

  1. Caller calls the Virtual Office.
  2. Virtual Office greets the caller and plays the enabled department selections. Currently supported selections are: Sales, Support, Accounting, Business Development, Marketing, Customer Service, Vendor Relations, Order Status, and Operator.
  3. Caller makes a valid selection.
  4. The system forwards the call to the number assigned to this selection.
  5. The subscriber hears the caller selection identification and decides how to respond to the call.
  6. Both parties are connected.
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