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EsLite offers Virtual Fax functionality that allows subscribers to receive faxes without owning a fax machine and/or using a dedicated fax line. Virtual Fax is commonly used to allow automated fax processing and global distribution as well as international fax forwarding to avoid high international call costs. The system accepts any fax format, stores it locally, and if configured, sends it via email to the subscriber's email address. The Virtual Fax management is similar to that of Voicemail. In fact, both system share common folder structure and both Voicemail and Fax files are downloadable and visible via the Voicemail/Fax functionality. Similar to Voicemail, Virtual Fax supports Email and SMS notification.

Main Feature

  1. Web Access for Download, View, and Print.
  2. Password Management
  3. Fax-to-Email with Attachment (Unified Messaging)
  4. Fax-to-Email with Notification
  5. Fax-to-SMS Notification
  6. Fax-to-SMS Reminder
Call Flow

  • Caller calls in subscriber’s Service Number
  • Caller reaches subscriber's Virtual Fax.
  • Caller initiates the fax transmission. Fax is received and stored locally.
  • Subscriber receives an email with the Fax attachment or just a Fax notification via SMS.
  • Subscriber manages his Virtual Fax folder via Web or Phone.
How It Works

EsLite Virtual Fax is an Internet based fax service that enables you to receive faxes online. All received faxes are converted into digital format and then either sent directly to your email or stored for later access. EsLite will accept any fax format and the system also supports fax notifications via SMS or E-mail.

To Receive a Fax:

  • Configure your EsLite Virtual Fax service For more information refer to the command user page
  • Receive your Service Number As soon as you receive your new Service Number, you can begin receiving faxes
  • Retrieve your faxes by either logging into your Voipware Virtual Fax account or by checking your email for received faxes (configuration required)
  • From Voipware, when you receive a fax, open the fax message by clicking on the Download button
  • From your email, when you receive a fax, open the fax attachment by double-clicking on it. To initiate a callback request
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