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EsLite offers SMS Service interface to all SMS/GSM providers. Utilizing the system, subscribers can send SMS messages to any mobile phone in the world that accepts them. The messages can contain alphanumeric text and attachments such as ring-tones or pictures (only selected phones are supported due to the proprietary format of the SMS objects). The feature also allows high-level of SMS chat and gaming activity as well as SMS broadcasting. Due to the nature of the SMS Service, all outbound SMS messages incur nominal cost for distribution.
Call Flow

  1. Subscriber logs into Voipware.com web site.
  2. Subscriber writes the SMS message.
  3. Subscriber selects the target SMS number or multiple SMS numbers.
  4. Subscriber selects SMS objects to attach to the message such as ring-tones or pictures.
  5. Subscriber sends the SMS message.
Main Features

  • Web SMS Service Interface
  • Alphanumeric SMS Message Format Support
  • Global SMS Distribution
  • SMS Broadcasting to more than one SMS number
  • SMS Content Distribution (ring-tones and pictures)
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