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EsLocate (Follow Me)

EsLite allows global roaming and hunting services for subscribers that need to be non-conditionally reached. The services supports up to 20 phone numbers that will be attempted (hunted) once a call is received. For example, a caller calls the subscriber Service Number, and the system starts to sequentially call all numbers in the Follow-me list. If the subscriber does not pick up the phone on all lines, the call will be forwarded to Voicemail. If the subscriber has enabled the call screening feature, once he picks up the call he can decide to accept, reject, or forward the call to Voicemail. Follow-me is used to achieve two main goals: global Roaming -- allows people with multiple phones to receive calls while traveling, and call screening -- allows subscribers high level of security to prevent callers from calling their direct phone numbers and to successfully screen inbound calls. The Follow-me service can be managed from Web of Phone interfaces.

Call Flow

Caller calls the subscriber Service Number for the Follow-me service. The system prompts the caller to hold while locating the caller. The subscriber number list is hunted in sequence. The number list can contain up to 20 national and international numbers. The subscriber picks up the phone. The subscriber accepts, reject, or forwards the caller to voicemail (if call screen is enabled).
Main Features

  • Global Roaming and Number Hunting
  • Up to 20 Phone number support
  • Real-time Call Screening
  • Voicemail Call Forwarding
  • Anonymous Call Connect
  • Global Number Redirect
  • Web and Phone Management Interface
  • Password Management
How It Works

Prior to using Voipware Follow-Me Service, you must first configure a Follow-Me User Profile.
Follow the istrunctions below to properly configure your follow me profile.

  1. When logged in, click on the Follow-Me icon to access your follow-me user profile.
  2. Once you access your voicemail box, click on the Modify icon to open the configuraiton screen.
  3. Refer to the User Comman.
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