EsLite is a full Service Provider, EsLite can provide you with a complete telecommunication service that includes equipment, installation, maintenance, teleconferencing and basic telephone services. through our advanced digital network infrastructure with quality of service (QoS). We provide bundled packages that include local, long distance, calling card, Toll-free and DID services. our business VoIP solutions offer you a flexible and scalable solution designed to meet your business needs today, and then easily grow with your business over time. EsLite Networks is an fcc 499 Certified Provider


Our VoIP PBX systems offer replacement for traditional PBX systems. Instead of working with wires and cables, it utilizes Internet technologies using VoIP (voice over IP) technology to transmit calls. EsLite provides the Customer Premises Equipment including provisioning and installation of IP phones, routers and network equipment. Huge cost savings on long-distance and international phone calls.


EsLite Virtual PBX is a Voice-over-IP based Class 5 system designed to deliver comprehensive set of traditional PBX and next-generation communication services over broadband connections.
Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Unified Messaging,
Call Hold, Music on Hold, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and many more

The PBX services offers the following services:

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Learn more...Virtual Fax
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Our conference system has convenience of industry-leading, reliable conferencing in a reservation, reservation-less and web environment.
qOur network meets our customers’ needs for conferencing at anytime, from anywhere in the world using any standard telephone, mobile device, or Web-browser.
1Our Audio and Web conferencing allow you to collaborate with others over your telephone or computer, or the Internet

The Teleconferencing services offers the following:

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Learn more... Audio Casting

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Pre-Paid Calling Card

EsTalk is PINless- No need to memorize long numbers
Unused minutes are there for you to use anytime.
Web Calling: You don't have to dial using your phone. The system dials the number you enter and call back and connects you
Auto Refill: The system will automatically refill your credit (minutes) once the balance is below

The Calling Card services offers the following Features:

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Learn more... Web Call History
Learn more... Speed Dial

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